#SINGItForJapan post 2

1:05 PM

if you read my post #SINGItForJapan then you'll get what this is about. the video is finished and the song is available on itunes with all proceeds going to red cross.

this is such a beautiful song, and i'm still shocked that my artwork was one of the few picked to be in the video. there were hundreds (maybe thousands) of submissions. i was happy that my chemical romance looked at it, but the fact that they picked it just makes me super proud.

watch the video and look out for this pic at 2.34, then download the song from itunes.

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  1. heya. just wanted to drop by and say I love your work! you have a great style, really different - so I'm a follower now :-) x

  2. came to comment on your canvas art for punky scraps but found this instead! So awesome! Congrats on having your art picked for the video!



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