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today is my 21st birthday, happy birthday to me, lol.
wow i haven't blogged at all this month lol, and i've only made 2 layouts. i've been playing a lot of spider solitaire on the highest difficulty (i've only won 2 out of about 150 games), and as you can see, i've been giving my blog a makeover, it's not finished yet and i'm not sure if i like it.
i got an email today informing me that one of my layouts is going to be published in a futere issue of Scrapstreet Magazine, funny how it arrived on my birthday lol. and i have an interview on friday for a graphic design course, which i'm hoping will eventually lead into some kind of scrapbooking career, maybe designing products, and if it doesn't, then at least i will have gained confidence.

anyways, this is the cake i made for my party. i was gonna make a 6 layer rainbow cake but i couldn't be bothered lol.

i made this layout for Scrappin Patch. it's of me in 1991 in a wooden car that my grandad made.

and i made this one for Scrapbooking Competitions.  it's of my brother when he was 8 days old.

tfl :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Cool cake and amazing layouts!
    Good luck with the interview!!
    n xox

  2. Congratulations, Hayley! I also wanted to let you know I added your layout to my blog!



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