Project Life 2013 title page plus more study

3:10 PM

I've decided to continue Project Life in 2013. I find that it's a great way to document everyday photos that I take that would otherwise just be stored on a computer and never seen by future generations and stuff.  I'm pretty behind at the moment, with a few months of 2012 to catch up on, but I'm determined not to quit this project.
For my 2013 title page I used a mix of simple Stories, MissTina, and Becky Higgins.

Also, I'll be going back to study in a week. I thought I had till July to prepare, but I got a call a few days ago because a spot opened up in the earlier class and I was offered it. I accepted it and was excited, till I realised it was a week and a half away. Not the greatest amount of time to pay course fees, sort out student allowance, fix the broken zip on my bag, and mentally prepare myself. So I'm a tad stressed, and nervous because I've heard that Digital Media Advanced is really intense.

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  1. Your project Life pages are fantastic. I love how you use colour.



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