project life pages 2 & 3

9:25 PM

I'm slowly catching up lol. I've been a bit lazy lately, need more early nights I think. I keep having to take afternoon naps. At the moment, course is pretty relaxed and easy, but I heard that in the 2nd half you get 2 assignments at once. That sounds stressful so hopefully I can fully catch up on Project Life before then.

My little mouse died from a tumor. At least she doesn't have to suffer anymore though. I have one mouse left and she's all alone. She seems happy but I really need to try get her out of the cage more often.

I bought a typewriter because I'd seen other people use one for their layouts and PL and loved the look of it. I managed to find one really quickly, getting a new typewriter ribbon was a bit of a hassle though. I was getting slightly sick of my handwriting so I decided on a typewriter instead.
First day of the road trip is done. I still have 13 more days to go. It's gonna take a pretty long time. Big Day Out is gonna take up 2 and a half pages lol.

  I ended up writing a pretty long summary of day 1 so had to add an extra page into the foldable journaling card and stuck it down with masking tape on both sides.

tfl :)

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