punky scraps/first post of 2011

7:58 PM

your first challenge for January over at Punky Scraps is to use this picture for your inspiration to create:

and here's my layout. i drew the polka dots with coloured pencils

so now it's 2011. i hope this year will be kind to me lol. i just got back from holiday a couple of days ago. spent 2 weeks in auckland (nz) with family. i got covered in mosquito bites and got some pretty bad sunburns, but it was awesome to just get away for awhile. i managed to do some shopping for scrapbooking supplies lol. i found a really good shop near my aunties house, where i got some discounted 6x6 paper pads, rubons and chipboard. the second shop i went to is closed till the end of the month, and the third was completly closed down, so that was a bummer.
for some reason my dad's camera kept taking over-exposed photos, but my bro let us borrow his and we took a fair amount of photos before it died (we had no way to recharge it). so from then on we could only take videos with my dad's camera.

this pigeon was willing to eat from my hand, but i didn't like the look of it's sharp beack lol:

sunset at my nana's house (unedited):

video from Shakespears Park:

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  1. I really love the style of your page - It feels really complete but with lots of space which is nice :)My mum went to NZ last year (from UK, visiting family who emigrated) and she always talks about how stunning the landscape is so its lovely seeing pics of it all.

  2. you have a great scrapstyle! love it!



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