Silhouette Cameo/Another year older

6:48 PM

About 3 weeks ago my awesome new cameo arrived (in a huge package lol). I haven't had much time to use it because of course work and social life, so I've only mucked around with it a little. It arrived with an American plug but luckily my Dad happened to have an adapter so I was able to start playing around with it straight away.

I turned 22 2 weeks ago, and the cake picture above is what my boyfriend made. He made it to look like my cameo lol. He said it didn't quite turn out how he planned, but I still think it's amazing. The last time I had a cake like this was a swimming pool cake for my 16th haha.

I had photos of me blowing out the candles and from the zoo but when i was copying them to my mac, the card reader died and the card became corrupt, so I think I've lost those photos for good. Still hoping I can find a way to get them back, since a couple of programmes I downloaded didn't work :(. So that plus waking up on my birthday with a flu and raining when I went to the zoo made it a slighly horrible weekend lol.

I cut out this chandelier to see what the cameo can do. I'm pretty amazed that it can cut out really delicate shapes. 

And these are 2 of my current obsessions:
 Studio Calico wood veneer shapes

And washi tape

This is 1 of the assignments that I've made. It's a comic book based on a song by my favourite band and it's held together with perfect binding. It looks just like a real comic book lol. It was super fun but also super stressful to make. 
With this assignment i learnt book binding, hard cover and perfect binding. I think I'll try out those techniques to make some mini albums.

I'm going to spend this weekend doing some project life catching up. I'm 3 months behind, eek.

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