2 new additions to the family

5:49 PM

We got 2 kittens a week ago. They're sisters and they're adorable little mischief makers.
I've spent a lot of nights throughout my life begging my mum to let me get a kitten and I always thought I would have to wait until I moved out of home. When I was little I begged and cried while my Mum just sat there and ignored me. She didn't care that she was taking away a childhood privilege, to let me have a constant friend by my side and a way of learning responsibility. And 3 weeks ago when I asked again, she said 'meh'. Huge shock lol. Then the next weekend when we went looking around pet shelters, my Dad asked her again and she said 'do what you want'. It was so exciting. My dad thinks that because she has early onset dementia she probably forgot that she hates animals.
But anyway, these are the 2 little cuties.

This one climbed into my hoodie on her first night in her new home. These girls are so friendly that they wanted to play as soon as they got home, instead of hiding in the corner.

And this is what their coats look like. They looked pretty much exactly the same when we first saw them but now it's easy to tell the difference. Still trying to work out their personalities since they're similar in that way too. One meows a lot more and the other sighs quite a bit.

Sometimes they get annoying, like when they keep walking over my macbook and messing up the screen, but when they show their affection, it's so sweet. Although it does kinda hurt when they lick my face with their sandpaper tongues, but I guess that comes under the whole 'love hurts' saying, literally, lol.
My last mouse died about a month ago. So we don't have to worry about the kittens getting at them.

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