another update

9:32 PM

so it's been yet another month since i've blogged lol. i haven't really done much scrapbooking in the last 2 months because my room is a pig sty and it's winter, so i'd rather sit in the lounge each night infront of the fire place than sit in my cramped cold room lol. i'm getting the urge to do some more scrapping, so i guess it's time to clean my room, and since my brother's moved out, i can use his room for storage. i'm gonna have to do a huge hunt for photos that i haven't scrapped yet.

anyway's, here's pics of what i've been up to lately:

last week's assignment was a magazine assignment and i chose to do mine about scrapbooking. it was so much fun and it turned out awesome. my tutor is into scrapbooking too lol and took a copy for herself coz she loved it.

those are the first ever sketches i've made lol. just a quick 5 minute job in adobe illustrator, but i guess they look pretty good for a first time.

and this was for the me, myself and i assignment, which i did in the style of a scrapbook layout.

and lastly, a card i made for my brother.

tfl :)

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