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 so a week ago it snowed here in wellington. it hasn't snowed here for 16 years so it's a pretty big deal lol.
 i was visiting my grandma when it started and we ended up staring out the window for way to long because by the time we left the ground was completly covered in snow. my dad had to drive us home (at least it was only a couple minutes drive) and he was scared of skidding in the snow. it was kinda weird only being able to see out the front window, it felt like we were under a bridge.
so on the first day of snow i threw some snowballs, took heaps of photos and even attempte to snowboard (but i couldn't figure out how to get the boots on the board lol).
the second day i thought the snow was gone, but when i was walking home in hte afternoon, it started again and i had to walk through it for about 20 minutes. i was completely frozen when i got home and my handss were really numb, when i finally thawed out my hands they burned for hours.
and on the third day i got all ready for course, walked to the letterbox and started sliding down the driveway. i'm glad my mum was there to pull me back up and after a couple of minutes watching other people somehow manage to walk through the snow i decideed my gripless shoes probably weren't going to get me to the bus stop safely and i stayed home instead. i debated with myself all day whether or not i should go outside and build a snowman, but i decided against it because i didn't want to freeze my hands off again. kinda dissapointed that i decided against it but oh well lol, at least i sated nice and warm.

anyways, heres some of the photos i took:

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