my December Daily so far

8:08 PM

2 days till december and i've only made 19 pages so far. i find it extremely hard scrapbooking without a picture to use, so this really tested me lol. i made the pages pretty basic so that when i add the photos and journelling i can add embellishments around those. and i haven't added numbers yet so that i can rearrange the pages and add more if needed. i'll have to finish the last 6 pages during december, unless i can finish them in the next 2 days.
i haven't really been scrapbooking much lately because my social life has picked up a lot in the last 2 months lol, and i've been pretty tired with the occasional lack of sleep (for some reason my brain won't let me sllep when there's other people in the room, quite frustrating lol), oh and i've had quite a lot of nights when i just couldn't come up with ideas for layouts or find anything that i wanted to scraplift.

but anyway...

sorry about the blurriness of this one

also, i haven't stuck any pages together because i'm going to attempt to bind them together with masking tape when they're all finished and arranged in order.

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