December Daily days 10-17

12:35 AM

i'm slowly getting closer to finishing my dd lol.

10: christmas decorations at a mall.
11. date night. a movie (breaking dawn pt.1) and a walk in the botanical gardens.
12: helped my friend put up her christmas tree and decorations then spent the evening making gifts.
13: prepared the christmas cake

14: i had no idea what to take a pic of for this day, so i just took a pic of the gifts i made lol.
15: checked out the christmas shop in kirks.

16: made the christmas cake.
17: more mall decorations

i think i'll be too busy this week to do more pages atm. by the end of the week i need to have finished christmas gifts for 2 of my friends, decorate a t-shirt to wear to a concert, and pack for the road trip. then i'll be away for 2 weeks (yay can't wait). hopefully i can finish it when i get back, in between catching up on sleep. i'll only have a week then i start course. i'm itching to get my dd finished so i can focus on other projects and i can't wait to see what it looks like when it's completed.

oh, and hi kyle

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