Project Life/Happy New Year

7:26 PM

a couple of weeks ago i found out about project life and was immediately hooked. most of the photos i take don't really seem worth making a whole layout for, or i just never get round to it.  sometimes i worry that the photos i take that never get printed and put in an album will eventually get lost in the next few generations. at the moment they're all on the computer and will probably never get copied to other user profiles. so i love the idea of putting them into an album with some journalling. i'm not that great at the whole journalling side of scrapbooking, so i'm hoping this will teach me lol.

 i bought the clementine album, core kit, and cardstock, along with a mix pack of pocket pages (i was lucky enough to find them at my lss, the only place in nz that sells pl, so i skipped shipping costs lol). i've been looking through my stash of digital products and decided i'll make some of my own journal cards aswell. i hace quite a few digital products that i bought and hardly used, so i'll put them to good use lol.
i'm gonna make this album a 'whenever' album. i won't end up taking enough photos to do a page a week and a month seems to long. it'll also be a mix of 'all about me' and 'family life'.

and since this is the last day of 2011, i want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
i've had a pretty good year. i achieved a lot more than i did in the previous 2 years. hopefully 2012 will be even better.

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