Merry Christmas

11:37 PM

hope everyone's having a great Christmas.
i had a quiet one with family. my brother went to his gf's house just before lunch and then my grandma came over for a little while.

 we had pancakes and a bbq for breakfast. afterall whats summer without a few bbq's? lol

i completely forgot to take photos before we ate lunch, but this is the yummy roast pork we had.

my dad got me a big day out ticket (which i knew i was getting lol). i still can't believe i'm actually going to see my heroes, my chemical romance, live. and i'm going with my boyfriend. we're also going to the parachute festival the weekend after, so an almost 2 week summer road trip with him and maybe one other mate. ar i'm so excited to see my favorite band, should be an awesome holiday.

oh, and of course we can't have christmas without a pavlova. good old kiwi tradition

have a great end to the year :)

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