December Daily days 1-9

1:36 AM

yea, i'm falling a little behind with this, but i do have photos printed up till the 20th. my home printer prints really bad quality pics so i'm having to get my dad to print them for me once a week from his work printer. this turned out to be easier than i thought it would be. i started with the intention of taking a christmasy pic everyday but realised that wouldn't work so i just eneded up taking pictures of whatever i ended up doing each day.

 day1: summer! my favorite month, i finally get to have more variety in my outfits.
day 2: my brother turned up for a surprise visit. it was only meant to be a week but he still hasn't left yet lol.
 day 3: christmas parade and fair. i ended up getting sunburnt lol
 day 4: put up the tree but everyone was too busy to decorate it
 day 5: spent the day cardmaking
 day 6: finally decorated the tree. it rained all day
 day 7: i listened to christmas songs by my favourite bands and there was an amazing sunset
day 8: i spent the day in bed in my pj's and surfing the net
day 9: unusual usual friday night of 'get your own dinners' and chippies. also one of my mice died :(


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  1. Love how your DD is coming out. Summer where you are? Wow.

    So sorry to hear about your mouse.

    Happy Holidays to you!



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