One awesome road trip (photo heavy)

12:29 AM

Just got back from my 2 week long date a few days ago lol. Yep that's what we're calling it lol, and we celebrated our 4 month anniversary half way through it.
I'm still buzzing over seeing my favorite band live. I'm surprised i ended up singing, jumping and fist pumping, but that made it way more fun lol.

 Frankenwolf and Panda hat.
I've been looking for this wolf hat for ages after I saw a photo of Frank from MCR wearing it onstage, and i just happened to find it at Big Day Out for a cheap price.
I stitched the words "killjoys make some noise" onto a plain tshirt, so I made my own MCR tshirt lol.
Waiting in the crowd for MCR to come onstage
Best 45 minutes of my life. Words can't explain it
Noel Gallagher
Glass floor of Auckland's Sky Tower.
My new dress that I went clubbing in. Gonna get some straps added coz I keep feeling the need to hold it up.
Yummy potato twist thingy
Sam dressed up like this for 2 days of Parachute. And yea I actually walked around with him dressed like this lol, and I evilled the girls who gave him more than just a quick hug. Shows how trusting our relationship is that I agreed to this and everything lol.
Glow in the dark hat, lollipop and nail polish for the last night of Parachute.

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